• Brand:: Empire
  • Product Code: EMP 125
  • Availability: 114

This Empire razor is great for students & barbers who love options!  Designed for precise, safe shaving for flawless results, and crafted from stainless steel for durability and longevity.  Its slimline and lightweight design makes it comfortable and easy to control for all day use.

The razor includes 3 different cartridges for 3 different razor exposures in a convenient zipper case:

Minimum exposure is great for a stable blade and bulk shaving

Medium Exposure is the most versatile with a balanced stability and visible blade

Maximum Exposure is great for detailing line ups with a maximum view of your blade

Break your favorite double edge blade in half and load into cartridge.  The quick cartridge load design is great for the most efficient and busiest barber.

  • 6" black steel razor holder & handle
  • Push out blade holder mechanism
  • 3 cartridges for 3 blade exposures
  • Zipper case included
  • Can be used with any brand single or double edged blade