18.21 Man Made Oil - Beard, Hair & Skin Sweet Tobacco 2 oz

18.21 Man Made Oil - Beard, Hair & Skin Sweet Tobacco 2 oz

Inspired by the iconic heritage of Route 66, this beard, hair & skin oil is a professional-grade, premium oil blend that locks in healthy hydration for weightless, conditioning strength in skin and hair.

This light oil conditions beard, skin and hair alike with a weightless emollient effect. It strengthens and smoothes your beard, while calming the skin beneath. You can use it on wet hair to soften and thicken when blown dry – it even helps shorten blow-dry time. This product is also great for hydrating skin and adding vibrancy to tattoos.

The non-greasy formula calms and conditions for smooth, healthy hair and skin. The light, unique formula makes hair feel thicker, without adding any weight. It will also help treat and calm rough, dry and flaky skin.

A lot of guys don’t think to pamper themselves. Looks like it’s up to you. Introduce Dad, best bud or birthday boy to a product they’ll never turn back from.

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