Godefroy Professional Eyelash Tint Kits - 25 Application

Godefroy Professional Eyelash Tint Kits - 25 Application

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Godefroy Professional Lash Tint is a non-toxic formula that contains no hydrogen peroxide or synthetic dyes (PPD). Formulated with natural pigments, it’s a great alternative for individuals with sensitivities to traditional hair color dyes. It’s especially safe and effective for use on or around the eye area. Delivers permanent Lash & Brow color results for up to 4 weeks.

Never go too dark - Formulated with “Color Stop Technology”, the color will only process and darken to the shade that you choose.

How it works - The active ingredient, silver nitrate, which is contained in the color developer, reacts to organic materials (iron oxide pigments) which are found in the cream colorant. This produces a variety or vibrant, long lasting colors without having to use harsh chemicals found in most permanent dyes.

Each Kit contains everything you need to start your lash tinting business.

20 application kit contains:

  • 1 – Cream Colorant .23oz / 7ml
  • 1 – Gel Activator .23oz / 7ml
  • 2 – Reusable Applicator Sticks

What’s in it?

NATURAL IRON OXIDES Are earth pigments which range from rich red-brown to dark red-violet content. The colors formed are natural, durable and safe.

CAMELLIA LEAF EXTRACT (GREEN TEA LEAVES) A powerful anti-oxidant that acts as a humectant to help moisturize and condition the hair and scalp.

SWEET ALMOND EXTRACT Sweet Almond oils are high in fatty acids and help to reflect damaging UV rays, which can zap the moisture out of hair and cause dullness, as well as color fading.

SOYBEAN EXTRACT Soybean oil are great source of vitamin E and omega fatty acids, and help protect the hair from sun and hard water.

SILVER NITRATE Silver nitrate is a natural compound that is used as an anti-infective agent in the medical field and is especially effective in treating eye related infections. When in contact with organic materials it produces a black stain that can produce long lasting effects.

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